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Armacell: Press release

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Dato: 12. september 2022

Armacell at Chillventa 2022 (Hall 8, Stand 331)

  • Highly flexible solutions for preventive fire protection
  • Halogen-free insulation material with excellent UV and ageing resistance
  • Increased fire safety in buildings 
Münster, 8 September 2022 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, will be presenting its innovative insulation solutions for a higher fire safety at this year’s Chillventa in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 11 to 13 October 2022. When developing solutions to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, fire safety remains a top priority. Fires can cause significant property damage, affect business continuity, lead to injuries or, in the worst case, be fatal.

Halogen-free insulation without compromise 
The company's new halogen-free insulation material is celebrating its trade fair premiere: NH/ArmaFlex® Smart is based on a completely new type of foam technology, is more flexible than conventional halogen-free elastomeric insulation materials and is easier to install. The material's UV and ageing resistance is outstanding, ensuring condensation control and high energy efficiency in the long term. In the event of a fire, the halogen-free insulation does not release any corrosive gases that can form aggressive acids in combination with fire-fighting water. 

New AF/ArmaFlex generation for increased fire safety in buildings 
Another highlight is the new AF/ArmaFlex generation: AF/ArmaFlex Evo meets fire class B/BL-s2,d0 and increases fire safety in buildings. The material releases 50 percent less smoke in the event of a fire than conventional flexible elastomeric foam products, giving occupants more time to leave the building and allowing rescue teams better access. AF/ArmaFlex Evo offers a significant plus in safety: high moisture and corrosion protection in the long term, optimal thermal insulation properties and increased personal safety in buildings. In addition, the products are equipped with Microban®. These antimicrobial additives provide proactive protection against harmful bacteria and mould.

Highest safety standard in flexible insulation
With ArmaFlex Ultima® Armacell has created a new safety standard in insulation technology. Based on the patented ArmaPrene® technology, ArmaFlex Ultima is the world's first flexible technical insulation with fire class BL -s1,d0 and exhibits 10 times less smoke compared to a standard elastomeric product. By significantly reducing smoke density in the event of a fire, it improves visibility and thus extends the time to safely evacuate buildings. 
© Armacell, 2022. All rights reserved. ArmaFlex®, ArmaFlex Ultima® and ArmaPrene® are trademarks of the Armacell Group.
© Armacell, 2022. All rights reserved. ArmaFlex®, ArmaFlex Ultima® and ArmaPrene® are trademarks of the Armacell Group.
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25. november 2022
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